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 Nawab Mohammad Aslam Khan Raisani

PB 38-Mastung / Quetta
Master of Arts : Political Science
Pakistan People's Party Parliamentarians   (See other MPAs of this party)
Nawab Ghous Bakhsh Raisani
Sarawan House Raisani Road Quetta.
Chief Minister, Balochistan Quetta.
Official Body Post Duration
Active Police Force Deputy Supreintendent of Police
Balochistan Development Authority Deputy Manager
Govt. of Balochistan Minister for Food & Fisheries in Care taker Provincial Government Cabinet
Provincial Assembly of Balochistan Minister for Agriculture, Cooperative, Labour & Manpower in Care taker Provincial Government Cabinet 1988
Provincial Assembly of Balochistan Member from PB-27 Mastung
Provincial Assembly of Balochistan Senior Minister & Finance Minister
Pakistan National Party Parliamentary Leader Provincial Assembly 1989
Pakistan National Party President 1990
Pakistan Peoples Party Member Central Executive Committee 1999 to date
Organization Post Tenure
Chamber of Agriculture Balochistan Elected President to date
Federation Chambers of Agriculture Pakistan First President, held office twice
Wildlife Conservation Society Member Lifetime
Nawab Muhammad Aslam Khan Raisani belongs to a well known and chieftain family of the Nawab of Raisani.   His ancestors have been Chief of Sarawan tribes and now he the successor of the chieftain as Chief of Sarawan.  Being elder son of late Nawab Ghous Baksh Khan Raisani, Chief of Sarawan,  has a great influence over tribes and is progressive farmer of Balochistan.  After martyrdom of his Honorable father, he became the successor of his father as Nawab Raisani and Chief of Sarawan. 

Besides, in the field of agriculture,  he is introducing modern technology and methods to the agriculturists of Balochistan in capacity of President, Chamber of Agriculture Balochistan. He, himself, is a progressive agriculturists and grows all types of crops, orchards, fruits while rendering social services for the welfare of agriculturists of Balochistan.

Following his father's footsteps,  has keen interest in preserving wildlife and is a lifetime member of Wildlife Conservation Society.

He is an active and energetic politician for clean politics and,  as a member of Central Executive Committee of  Pakistan Peoples Party,  has been elected as member Provincial Assembly Balochistan for four times upto February 2008.  He has been elected as Chief Minister Balochistan (un-opposed) on 9th April 2008.  He took oath of the office of Chief Minister Balochistan on 9th April 2008.

His areas of interest are farming, angling, hiking and politics.  He has visited UK, Holland, UAE, Iran, Bahran,  Afghanistan,  Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Japan, Belgium, France, Saudi Arabia, USA, Singapore.
Balochi, Brahvi, English, Pushto, Urdu