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Mrs.‏ Robina Irfan

Minister: Portfolio not alloted
Master of Business Administration
Bachelor of Arts
Bاachelor of Business Administration
Social Worker
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Prince Irfan Karim Ahmedzai
Chawani, Khoing Kalat
House No. 4 - A, Jail Road, Quetta.
Off: 081-9201238
Res: 081-2835023
Official Body Post Duration
Provincial Assembly of Balochistan Chairperson Committee on Government Assurances 2002-2007
Pakistan Muslim League (Q) President Quetta City 2000-2005
Pakistan Muslim League (Q) General Secretary 2005 to date
Event Participated as Country Year
Enterprise Management, Finance & Accounting Candidate Pakistan
Hotel Management Course Candidate Pakistan
Office and Business Management Candidate United Kingdom
Social and Welfare Management for Women Candidate Pakistan
Training on Entrepreneurship for women Trainee Pakistan
Born in Quetta. She belong to a Mine Owner and Industrial family, her family (Zehri) is the first family to set up Marble and Onyx Industry in Pakistan by the name of "National Marbles (PVT) Ltd" and later set up P.I.M.S (in Balochistan). Her family is the pioneer in coal mining in Balochistan, her forefathers Mir Qadir Bakhsh Zehri and Mir Nabi Bakhsh Zehri have played a vital role in making of Pakistan. She is married to Prince Irfan Karim Ahmedzai from the royal family of Kalat. She has four children, a son and three daughters.  She has visited China, Denmark, France, Germany, India, Jordan, Malaysia, Norway, Oman, Qatar, Russia, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Turkey, UAE, UK and USA.

Professional Background
  • As a member of Balochistan Provincial Assembly, I hope to influence legislation to secure funds for civil projects.
  • In Balochistan's strong tribal culture, I represent a segment society that is struggling hard to bring about a progressive change.
  • In the cleric influenced assembly, I am mustering support from women members who represent different political parties.
  • To form common platform for countering discriminatory laws against women, I regularly appear on local television talk shows to discuss gender bias issues.
Political Background
  • I have taken birth in a political family. Before establishment of Pakistan my forefathers Mir Qadir Bakhsh Zehri and Mir Nabi Bakhsh Zehri had struggled very much in making of Pakistan and Pakistan Muslim League. They have been the pillars for Muslim League in Pakistan.
  • It is needless to mention here that my forefathers have helped in the development, prosperity and construction of this country. They have served this country wholeheartedly.
  • I am proud to say that they have introduced reality of Pakistan in the open public meetings. They succeeded in increasing the lovers of Pakistan. As a result, the people of Pakistan left nominal groups and entered in Pakistan Muslim League.
  • I have worked more than 12 years after my marriage for the welfare of people. Now i have joined Pakistan Muslim League Party. I have coordinated women of Balochistan that the solution of the problems is to be resolved by this party. In this short time, I have managed 300 women units in different areas of Balochistan and more than 8000 women joined our party under my leadership.
  • I am very much happy that i have continued my forefather's work and women are very much pleased to welcome me for political as well as welfare works.
Extra-Curriculum Activities
  • Presently working as Provincial Minister for Law & Parliamentary Affairs Department, Government of Balochistan Quetta.
  • President of Rubina Welfare Trust, Pattern in Chief of HanKain NGO
  • Elected President of Human Rights Welfare Organization
  • Elected President Pakistan Muslim League, Women wing Quetta City 2001-2004.
  • Coordinator of Lakhani Welfare Trust for organization Medical Camps at Mezai Adda, Zhob and Kalat
  • Re-organized and opened a M.C.H center for for Women at Kakat Street Hudda Quetta
  • Conducted a Women Skill Development Program in Quetta
  • Attended first India and Asian region Common Wealth Parliamentary Association C.P.A conference A.P Hyderabad
  • Represented Pakistan in Norway on Symposium for Empowering Women Legislators
  • Elected Chairperson of Pakistan Football Federation 2004-2008.
  • Attended the women symposium in China for FIFA. Gave a presentation for Pakistan in front of 208 countries and was highly appreciated by FIFA.
  • Represented Pakistan in Malaysia for the AFC Women Award
  • Attended a political Round Table Discussion on South Asian region for women in Sri Lanka
  • Introduced the first ever Women Football Teams in Pakistan
  • Additional General Secretary of Pakistan Muslim League
  • Elected General Secretary of Pakistan Muslim League (Balochistan Women Wing)
  • Member of Provincial Assembly of Balochistan from 2002-2007.
  • Chairperson of the Standing Committee for Government Assurances
  • General Secretary (SEVA) NGO, worked all over Pakistan
  • Member Public Accounts Committee of Balochistan Provincial Assembly
  • I have organized social welfare and health related projects for children and women
  • Arranged an Eye camp at Kalat district hospital in collaboration with Hankain NGO in 2004-2006.
  • Arranged a medical camp at Kalat District hospital with collaboration with Hankain NGO in 2007.
  • Delivered free food packages to one thousand drought affected households in Haranji, Tehsil Wad, District Khuzdar.
  • Installed fifty two number of water hand pumps in eleven union councils of district Kalat in collaboration with NGO SEVA and Hankain.
  • Provided Electricity upto 150 Kilo Meters to various remote villages in the union council Nichara, Union Council Nimargh, Union Council Dasht-e-Goran from Prime Minister of Pakistan's Package.
  • Installed eleven water supply schemes for clean drinking water purpose, 7 in town Kalat & 4 in villages of district Kalat
  • Identified, propsed and build two hundred kilo meters of metal road in district of Kalat through various government schemes
  • Organized, trained and gave certificates to five hundred females in Quetta town regarding self employment capacity building and women empouerment.
  • Provided financial relive to the poor through various NGOs and financial sound people
  • Provided 2500 sewing machines to 250 social working organizations in district of Quetta and Kalat
  • Provided upto twenty five thousand bulldozer hours to the formers of dried and arid areas in district of Kalat, Khuzdar and Mastung
  • Provided political awareness to the women in rural areas of the province of Balochistan through seminars and public meetings; where tribal customs and laws are strictly abided. 
  • First ever elected women President of Pakistan Football Federation 2004-2007, re-elected 2008 unopposed
  • Chairperson of Balochistan Football Association (Women Wing).
  • Elected V.P of Balochistan Football Association (Male Wing).
  • Made first ever women football team from Balochistan, FATA, Sindh, Punjab, AJK, NWFP and other departments.
  • Visited Jordan as Chairperson with the Pakistan National Women Football Team.
Balochi, Brahvi, English, Urdu