Governor’s Address.

30.    (1) On receipt of an intimation from the Governor of his intention to address the Assembly, the Secretary shall include the item “Address by the Governor” in the Orders of the Day for a date and time appointed by the Governor.

         (2) On conclusion of the Governor’s   address or on such day as the Speaker may appoint in this behalf, a Member may move a Motion of Thanks and such Motion may be discussed in the Assembly.

          (3) Amendments may be moved to such Motion of Thanks, but every such amendment shall be relevant to, and deal precisely with, the matters referred to in the Governor’s address, and shall be in such form as may be considered appropriate by the Speaker.

          (4) The provisions of these rules relating to amendments to motions shall apply to amendments to a Motion of Thanks.

          (5) A Minister, whether he has previously taken part in the discussion or not, shall, on behalf of the Government have a general right of explaining the position of the Government at the end of the discussion.

          (6) If the Motion of Thanks is accepted by the Assembly, it shall be communicated to the Governor by the Speaker with such amendments, if any, as the Assembly may have made therein.

Communication from the Governor. 

31.  When a communication from the Governor to the Assembly is received by the Speaker by written message, the Speaker shall read it out to the Assembly at the earliest opportunity and the Assembly shall with all convenient dispatch consider any matter which it is required by the message to take into consideration.

Communications to the Governor.

32.   Communications from the Assembly to the Governor shall be made through the Speaker by the formal address after the motion has been made and carried in the Assembly.