Leave of absence from sitting of the Assembly.

51.   (1) A Member desirous of obtaining the leave of the Assembly for his absence from any sitting of the Assembly may make an application in writing Addressed to the Speaker, stating reasons for his absence.

         (2)  After the question hour but before the Orders of the Day is entered upon, the Secretary shall read out the application to the Assembly and the Speaker shall put the question without debate, that leave be granted.

          (3) Where a Member is prevented or incapacitated from making such an application, leave of the Assembly may be granted on an application, being made by any other Member on his behalf.

         (4) The Secretary shall, as soon as possible, communicate the decision of the Assembly to the Member concerned.

Seat becoming vacant.

52.   If a Member remains absent, without leave of the Assembly, for forty consecutive days of its sitting, the Speaker shall bring this fact to the notice of the Assembly and thereupon any Member may move that the seat of the Member who has been so absent be declared vacant. If the seat of the Member is declared vacant, the Secretary shall communicate the fact to the Chief Election Commissioner and to the Member concerned.

Attendance Register.

53.  The Secretary shall cause a register to be kept   showing the attendance of each Member at each sitting and shall make the register available for inspection of the Members.