Report on the implementation of Principles of Policy.

172. (1) The Minister concerned shall lay before the Assembly the report under clause (3) of Article 29 of the Constitution.

          (2) The Speaker shall allot time for discussion on such report.

          (3) On the day fixed for discussion of such report, the Assembly may, on a motion by a Member, refer the report to a Committee to be appointed by the Assembly. Thereupon the Committee shall examine the matter and make its recommendations to the Assembly.

          (4) The report of the Committee shall be presented to and considered by the Assembly on a day fixed by the Speaker.

Recommendations of the  National Finance Commission.

173. (1) A Minister shall lay in the House the recommendations of the National Finance Commission together with an explanatory memorandum as to the action taken on the recommendations.

           (2) The Minister for Finance shall, biannually, lay

Rule 173 Substituted vide Notification No.PAB/ Legis: I (03)/2013 dated 5th September, 2013.

the report in the House regarding implementation of the Award of the National Finance Commission in terms of clause (3B) of Article 160 of the Constitution.

Reports of the Auditor-General.

174.  The reports of the Auditor-General submitted to the Governor under Article 171 of the Constitution shall, as soon as possible, be laid before the Assembly by the Finance Minister. Such reports shall be referred by the Speaker to the Public Accounts Committee constituted under Rule 160 of these rules.

Recommendations and Reports of the Council of Islamic Ideology.

175.  (1) The recommendations and reports of the Council of Islamic Ideology received under Article 230 of the Constitution   shall be laid before the Assembly by the Minister for Law.

          (2) The Speaker shall allot time for consideration of such recommendations and reports.

          (3) The provisions of sub-rules (3) and (4) of Rule 172 of these rules shall apply in the case of such recommendations and reports also.