Statement by a Member resigning the Ministry.

176. (1)  A Member who has resigned the office of Minister may, with the consent of the Speaker, make a personal statement in explanation of his resignation.

         (2) Such statement shall ordinarily be made after questions and before the business on the Orders of the Day is entered upon.

          (3)  On such statement no debate shall be allowed:

           Provided that a Minister shall be entitled after the Member has made his statement to make a statement pertinent thereto.

Personal explanation.

177. Any Member may, with the permission of the Speaker, make a personal explanation although there is no question before the Assembly:

           Provided that such explanation, if permitted, shall be made at the earliest possible opportunity before the Orders of the Day is entered upon, and shall be limited to the circumstances which are the subject of the explanation and no speech or debate thereon shall be allowed by the Speaker.